Party Policies

Deposits and payments: A deposit of $25 or more (depending on services booked) is required to secure your party date and services. The final balance is due the day of your party via cash at the conclusion of your services. If you  choose to pay with credit card it must be done 3 days prior to party date and you will be charged a 5% fee for running your balance on your card.  Checks are not accepted. 

Cancellation & refunds: Deposits are non-refundable. If you must cancel your party for any reason you forfeit your deposit.  Should you need to RESCHEDULE your party, a $25 reschedule fee will be charged in order to book your new date. 

Travel policies: If you live outside of Modesto a travel fee of $1.00 per mile will be charged. MapQuest will determine mileage.  This travel is paid directly to the traveling party for mileage reimbursement as the general federal standard.  We do not overcharge on travel fees.  

Princess Visits: Please ensure there is shade available for entertainers to conduct activities.  Please lock up pets while the entertainer is present.  Please ensure the area the visit occurs is not dusty or muddy.  Please make sure there is a small space/clear area for the children to move around during games.  Please make sure YOUR music is not so loud that the children won't be able to hear the ENTERTAINER'S music well.  Entertainers do NOT carry change please have your cash  balance ready for them at the conclusion of their services.  Tipping is not required or expected, however if you feel you would like to tip your entertainer or hostesses they keep all tips and are not required to turn it in.

Final head count full hosted parties: You will be charged for the final head count for fully hosted theme parties that you confirm for with us 3  days prior to your party date.  If the expected number of children do not show up you will still pay for the number you confirmed for since staffing and supplies were prepared based on your headcount. If more children attend we will try our best to accommodate and you will be charged $20 extra per child regardless if seating is provided or not.  It is your responsibility to provide an accurate headcount three days beforehand. We recommend you ask for a RSVP from your guests 5 days prior to your party and communicate to them the importance of the RSVP so you are not charged additional fees.  

Late arrivals: Because our parties are based a schedule, they work best if everyone arrives on time. Those guests joining the party late may join the party in what ever it has progressed to. 
EXAMPLE: the children have already completed nail and make up session the late arrival will miss this portion and move onto what ever may be next for the party.  If we can accommodate them without staying on overtime, we will do our best to do so. 

Last minute parties: Most of our parties are customized to some extent. We are working behind  the scenes on  staffing, inventory, etc., prior to your party date so some options may not be available to you should you book your party less than two to three weeks out.  

Party location and costumes:  Our parties are brought to your home, a park, church hall Etc. We do ask your cooperation for parties at the park. The children will not be able to play in sand and run around the grass in our costumes nor will the children be able to jump in any jump houses in our costumes. All children in our costumes must stay within our party area. We try our best to insure the costumes do not get stained or ripped.  If you are booking your party at another venue, please check with the business to ensure they will allow us to host a party there before you book. 

Can parents stay for party: If parents choose to stay for party we ask that parents watch at a distance and keep sound to a minimum. We are there to truly make the party memorable the less distraction for the children the better.  Conversely if there is a toddler that is expected to be a part of the party group, we may need assistance from the parent with the toddler.  The parent is responsible for their toddler's safety. 

Age requirements for our parties: We do strictly enforce our age requirements for the guests. Our hosted parties are for ages 3 and up. Some activities in the party are not appropriate or suitable for small toddlers due to the delicate inventory we bring such as breakable tea sets, linens that can stain, and prizes not intended for ages under three years old.   If parents are there with small toddlers we ask that you have them make arrangements for the children to be with them the entire time of our party and to be prepared to have AGE appropriate plates, cups, etc.

Outdoor parties in summer: For safety reasons for our staff we can no longer accommodate outdoor full hosted parties in the summer when temperature exceeds over 85 degrees in the summer.  Parties must be indoors. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Even parties that occur under 85 degrees, must have some shade provided for the tea party table and/or services.  Princess visits can still be conducted outdoors however SHADE MUST be available for the entertainer to conduct her services.  Please make sure the entertainers are not expected to conduct activities in loose dusty dry dirt or wet soppy or muddy ground from waterslides, etc. 

Additional policies
Princess Parties & Glamour, LLC assumes no liability for accidents or damages. Your hostess will provide you with the most professional service and will work to ensure you home is treated like a (Palace). In the event there are any damages or loss of party inventory and /or damage at the party location, the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client.  If you are concerned about damage or spills to your flooring we suggest you think ahead of where you are comfortable having the party occur in your home since things CAN happen.  By choosing the location in your home where the party happens, you assume responsibility for damage to the flooring, nearby furniture, carpet stains caused by children, etc.